June 12, 2014

Ken Drew & Dr. Patel Program - Heart Disease Is Also Hereditary

There are other diseases such as atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, the accumulation of fat liver, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, which constitute a serious threat to the children of the evolution of diseases of the heart and blood vessels future.

Has proven studies and research different conducted in the world, that early intervention is required and necessary, that would lead to full recovery or to reduce the risk of the disease significantly.

Hospital Meyer Children's Medical Center, Ram bam recently opened a clinic is the first of its kind in the north of the country, which is working on the diagnosis and treatment of children (generation 5-18 years) who are the danger, in order to prevent and deter the development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels far more advanced. Diseaseless Program - Ken Drew & Dr. Patel

Meanwhile says Professor, director of a children's section, which oversees the work of the clinic: "Many times show heart disease and blood vessels after that it may be too late to prevent it." He adds "such as Medical Center leader in the world, we chose the new approach is early diagnosis as much as possible, in order to give these children the opportunity to continue their health is complete.

This project deals with children's health fully and who stared at their risk of the disease because one of their parents was wounded heart disease such as hardening of the arteries’ not wise to be treated after infected, our goal is to deter and prevent the disease from the beginning.

""Between 30-40% of all adults living with heart disease, have developed these diseases early generation, and their children are the ones who are present today in a state of the risk for developing heart disease in adulthood, "says Dr. Gal Neumann, a doctor in the children's section and a work center clinic.

He adds:

"It should be noted that the absolute majority of these families have more than one child, so the talk is for a large segment of the public. Research has shown that nearly 20% of young people without disabilities, they began to develop the process of hardening of the arteries in the coronary arteries of the title without to be aware of this.

Childhood obesity is a global epidemic, as between 10-15% of children obese and cases of other conditions such as high blood lipids, diabetes and blood pressure. Project of this kind, which are dealing today he could lead to a radical change in Statistics future heart disease.

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