June 12, 2014

Ken Drew & Dr. Patel - Pregnancy And Heart Valves

Originally and that the patient is one of the heart valves, routinely tracks with a cardiologist at the clinic, and have the necessary tests are conducted to assess the status LED and to check on heart function and safety of the rest of the compositions.

And ensuring the sustainability of medical follow-up, the doctor can benefit the patient what to do and how to mitigate the effects on the heart valve patient and public health of the injured. The doctor can here to report about the possibility of pregnancy or repeat pregnancy without affecting valve disease on the safety of the pregnant mother and the safety of fetal growth and safety of pregnancy and childbirth.

In cases of leaking valves peek, which may affect either LED or the aorta or pulmonary or triple, or cases relaxant LED, often can ensure the safety of pregnancy and fetal safety and the safety of the mother, and facilitated the birth, as long as the mother is following through programs Clinics pregnant patients cardiac valves. The cardiologist where necessary advice during pregnancy and childbirth. Diseaseless Program by Ken Drew

Tight in cases of a fuse, or a number of them, a cardiologist assesses the state of the infected before pregnancy, and provide them with medical advice about the possibility of the safety of her pregnancy, before any carry.

It also provides its cardiac care if they allowed her pregnancy. In general, the grades simple or middle of the narrow, does not interfere with pregnancy unless there are other complications exist with the patient, such as the weak of heart or high blood pressure, lung and other things held by the doctor.

As in the cases of women who have been conducting the process of cultivation valve or repair the valve to them in the past, the evaluation will be according to her health condition and the extent of the presence of complications in heart or lung and the need for drugs blood thinners.

The point task is to ensure the medical follow-up at a clinic cardiologist, and the question cardiologist immediately for the safety of getting pregnant Before carrying the patient, and follow-up in antenatal clinics during pregnancy, and follow medical instructions about the time and place of birth and the quality of medical care which.

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